Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's day.

Hey guys,

How was everyone's day today? Hope eveeyone spent their time with their 'mother' figure today! I wasnt able to since my mother went to work but still had the time to make the day special by giving her a little gift!

I think mothers day is something we should all be noting down the date for, its the day we really should stop and appreciate that special someone in our lives that is always there for us whether it be dads,  grandma's or your brother and sisters; its the day to truly thank them for everything that they've done for us!

I hope everyone enjoyed their day and I would love to hear what eveyone else did or gave or even made to their mum! - just comment below!

Until next update my loves',


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Life through Instagram. #weekone

A healthy breakfast to start the morning.
Trying on my Zara purchase. In love with this skirt!
Another pose with the aztec skirt!
Painted my nails; spring is just round the corner!
Post photoshoot; feels good to be wearing sweatpants!
New armswag purchase
Photoshoot; listening to the photographer
My favourite purchase!
Photoshoot picture!
& another one

Pout face!

Promoting blog with the college outfit!

Sneakpeak of the upcoming blog!
Tuesday's outfit

Sneak Peak of Tuesday's outfit; make a statement!

More pictures for the blog

Wednesday's outfit; couldn't do a blog on it since I had to drop my brother to boarding school! - Tired and exhausted.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Basic Essentials

So spring is here but that doesn't mean to say that it is not cold here and hence a knitted jumper is, in my opinion, an essential in the spring too. However, this can be easily converted to a spring piece by wearing it with a light colour blouse and making it your own style. Adding a statement piece to your outfit makes the world of difference

What I'm wearing:

Topshop knitted jumper; £32
H&M white sheer blouse; £15.99
H&M basic leggings; £5.99
H&M necklace; £7.99
New look heels; £22.99
Primark rings; £1.50
Accessorize love heart pendant; £16

Monday, 4 March 2013

It's a beautiful day

Hey guys,

So another post for you guys but this time for the first time, it is an ''outfit of the day'' post. Well, college outfit of the day so it is toned down. I hope you enjoy the outfit:

So, spring is here and sun is finally coming out from its sleep here in the UK. I am super excited to wear lighter clothes instead of hiding behind thick layers to keep myself warm. After a long time, this is the first time I believe  I've worn this few layers.

Since it's college outfit, I decided to stay neutral and still try and put my own style to it. There's a sense of edge and chic mixed together in this outfit; sort of portraying the combination of harsh winter coming out to the start of spring?

What do you guys think?

What I'm wearing:

H&M: baseball top; £5.99, Faux leather Jacket; £29.99 (similar jacket here)
Topshop: Military colour skinny jeans; £38 (found here)
Carvela: combat boots; £50
Viva Boutique: Green bag; £60
Primark: Owl ring; £1.50
Custom made: Silver bangle; gifted
Nail colour: 
BarryM: Shade berry I/C, Amethysl Glitter; £2.99

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Photo Shoot Sneak peak.

Hey guys,

I know it has been a while but I have been busy with college work that I have not really had the time to blog and take pictures for you guys.

But anyway, this post is just some pictures from a ''photo shoot'' let say, that my fashion student friend took of me. She's not a photographer but I guess we are both learning in both direction eye?
But since I haven't uploaded anything else, just enjoy some of the shots she has taken.

Thanks guys


P.S: I will list all the makeup I have used in the so called ''photo shoot''

So, we were kind of going for a theme of 'black and white' photo so these are some of the shots taken. I was wearing a very plain top so that the focus wasn't on the clothes.

I admit, the lighting for this is very bad but with the excuse of being students, there wasn't much we could do except use the tools we had. Hopefully, in the near future we can afford some good lighting. 

Okay, so this photo has a funny story behind it. My so called 'photographer' was telling me to pose for 'no speak, no hear and no see', I don't know if you guys have ever heard of it and in this picture I was trying to portray 'no see' but after a while I got bored so I decided to stick my tongue out and hence you can see my tongue.

Though the picture is a bit blurry, if you can see the jewellery, I might as well tell you here where I got it from but I might also put another blog about it and possibly give reviews.

On my finger; an owl ring I purchased from Primark on the day of the shoot. Let me tell you, the ring is so cute and it makes such a statement. Moreover, it is a bargain and I would advise you to get your hand on it; it's only £1.50!!!
but likeI said, I will post a picture up.
Watch: Saboskirt and it was about $30
Love heart necklace: Accessorize. I love this necklace, it's one of those jewellery that I wear on a daily basis. Price: £15

So, this is the final picture I'm going to post but keep in mind that all these pictures are going to be in 'black and white' later on. Hopefully, I will post the rest of the picture from the photo shoot in instagram, so make sure you follow me to have an update!! (username: sliimbu)

Makeup used:

Body shop foundation (shade 202) - £15
Body shop highlighter - £12
Body shop concealer - £12
Too faced eyeshadow palette - ? (was given to me as a gift)
Benefit brow kit - £26
Maybeline lip stain - £3.99? (not sure, got it last year)
Mac highlighter/Bronzer - £21
Ardell eyelashes (121) - £4.99

I guess that's it for this post and I hope you guys have a beautiful day ahead

Lots of love,